NGNTALK Business Opportunity

NGNTALK has a realistic and achievable marketing plan, catering for the short term earnings as well as the longterm recurring income. Unlike conventional marketing plans, NGNTALK have a Business Training Program which allows you to earn sufficient income while building your organisation network to realize your longterm recurring income.

In short, NGNTALK has the most unique offering in the world of telecommunications - by simply switching from your current Telco subscription to NGNTALK and recommending the same service to others, you can be a business owner in the lucrative telecommunication industry.

Taking up a business with NGNTALK does not contradict with any other business you may be in right now, as telephone usage has become a basic necessity; its as simple as switching from "Use a phone and pay monthly bills without any rebates" to "Use a phone, make some free calls and earn recurring income".

The business model that NGNTALK has chosen is time-tested, more than 60 years old business model. It has been used by many MNCs, such as P&G, Nestle, Citibank, Dell and more. It comes in many forms, example;

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Database Marketing

  • Direct Marketing

  • Prosumerism

  • Franchising

  • Network Marketing and more ...

NGNTALK has chosen this business model over the traditional business models because it understands that this is probably the fastest way to build its subscriber base in the shortest possible time.

For example, when China Unicom first entered into the China telco market, its main competitor was China Mobile, who dominate the industry. China Unicom cleverly used incentive strategies to grow its business example; by offering its user "Introduce 10 Subscribers, Free 1 Handset" and later "Redeem A Free Handset By Using Your Prepaid Usage Fee". Today, China Unicom is one of the 4 largest telcos in China. A key member of its management team then was its founder and current NGNTALK founder Steve Chen.

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